• Shame and Fear

    Contrary to what we have been taught, both from the pulpit and the social mores passed on to us though the prevailing Christian culture, natural simple nudity, whether male or female, is nothing of which to be ashamed, or afraid, whether we are the nude, or we are seeing someone else nude, or a sketch, drawing, painting, sculpture, or photo. And I am not just referring to an accidental glimpse of breast or buttock or penis. I mean there is neither shame nor anything to fear in the intentional enjoyment of simple nudity - none whatsoever. I am referring to looking at the naked form of a man or women and savoring the beauty and lovely shape of their breast, face, buttock, and privates.

    Terror at the Movies

    There is neither shame
    nor anything to fear
    in the intentional enjoyment
    of simple nudity -
    none whatsoever.

    And this coming from a man who would avert my eyes from the movie screen when someone there was joyously stripping naked to jump into a pond to go skinny dipping. I was terrified of such scenes. What I thought would happen to me, I do not know. Might I becoming a lustful raving lunatic? Might I get so excited I would have to whip out my cock then and there and publicly masturbate? Would I be filled with so much lust that I would be compelled to do some sinful deed as soon as I was away from prying public eyes?

    Like many other Christian men I had swallowed the lie that the only female form I could legitimately enjoy was that of my spouse. All others were a grave threat. No looking, no admiring, no savoring the sight of God’s greatest masterpiece. And I am not referring to the ultimate “threat” of nudity in film or in print. No, it also meant no enjoying the simple pleasing beauty of a pretty young lady with graceful curves who passed me on the street on a warm summer’s day. No noticing the simply delightful young jogger as she ran past me and gracefully, full of life, ran off in the distance. To notice the delightful curve of her “runners back” or roundness of her behind was, well, horrible. To do so was the dreaded “lust,” unfaithfulness of the highest order, and adultery in the heart, for which there were severe consequences, both temporal and eternal. It was the ultimate terror. My simple inclination to look was a source of pain, shame, and great, great fear.

    Oh the foolishness of continually being “at war” with my own humanity, swallowing the lie that all men are lustful Lotharios at heart. That I had to continually restrain and retrain my eyes let I defile my flesh and dirty my heart.

    We Notice. Get Over It.

    Listen folks, all men notice. We notice the pretty ladies at church. We see the in the community. We see that they have breasts, and bottoms. Both are right there, delightfully in full view. And we like what we see. I mean we really like what we see. And so we should. I don’t want to touch the breast of a woman other than my wife, I don’t want to caress her bottom, I don’t want to have sex with her, but I do want to look and simply enjoy the view. It is natural, normal, and ok in the eyes of God for us to look, even look (discretely) a second and third time. In fact, as many times as we want. It is ok to discretely turn around and look with delight at the young female runner as she fades into the distance.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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