• The Purpose of this Site

    I have developed this site to examine the issues around Christians, Nudity and Erotica. But more specifically I want to look at where we have drawn the boundary lines concerning nudity and erotica and see if they have been drawn in places that are appropriate, necessary, and true to God’s Holy Word.

    Different Perspectives


    When it comes to nudity and erotica different Christians take different approaches. Some “Holiness” Churches teach that women need to be covered so much that they are showing as little skin as possible. Skirts must be down to the bottom of the kneecap, sleeves covering the elbow, necklines high enough that no cleavage shows at any time, and no wearing of makeup and jewelry. Men also need to dress conservatively. Shorts and short sleeves are frowned upon. As one can imagine, any appreciation of nudity is forbidden, even regarded as sinful and grounds for discipline. And erotica, well, don’t even mention it.

    Christian Naturist Fellowship.

    Then on the other extreme you have Christians who enjoy getting together with other Christians, and doing so in the nude! Needless to say Christian Naturists/Nudists have no problem with seeing nudity. But they can still have as disturbed a response as would any other conservative Christian with enjoying the sexuality of such nudes, and regard erotica with just as much suspicion.

    I am saying that Christians
    who are serious about
    their walk with God
    need to reexamine just
    what is and is not appropriate
    and godly when it comes to
    nudity and erotica.

    And yes, there are people who consider themselves “Christian” for whom pretty much anything goes - not just the use of pornography but fornication, adultery, and homosexual acts. Sadly, their numbers seem to be increasing. Good is being called evil and evil good. These are dark days.


    I am certainly not advocating the mentality of those who clearly reject the plain teaching of the Word of God concerning sexuality. I am saying that regular Born Again and Spirit-filled Christians who are serious about their walk with God need to reexamine just what is and is not appropriate and godly when it comes to nudity and erotica. Some of our beliefs and standards of behavior are not well examined. It is time to do so. And to do this we need to ask some questions.

    Question Mark.
    • Why do we have such a problem with nudity?
    • Is the intentional enjoyment of nudity allowable?
    • Is there any legitimate place for erotica in the life of a Christian?
    • Is there erotica in the Bible?
    • Is the use of nudity and erotica acceptable when it comes to masturbation?

    I know we have our traditional, knee jerk reaction to such questions. But are these reactions justified? Are they Biblical? And do they truly reflect the mind of God on these matters?

    Pervasive Presence, Inadequate Response

    I believe these issues have always needed clearer thought and a fresh Biblical perspective. But if ever there was a time when we need to ask questions about the way the church has thought and taught about nudity and erotica, and personal solitary sexuality, this is the day.

    Several decades ago if a Christian man wanted to look at pretty pictures of naked young ladies he would have had to find some out of the way store and buy a Playboy, bring it home, and find a place to hide it. Today the World Wide Web provides a measure of privacy never known in human history, and this opens a whole new world of possibilities. Now, within a few clicks we have instant and ready access to this and a whole lot more that makes simple nudity look innocuous. We can readily see things to which in pre-internet days we would have gone our entire lifetime and never been exposed.

    Brave New World Here To Stay

    Like it or not this is a “brave new world.” We can neither turn back time nor is the virtual world going to go away. And thus far for the most part the church’s response to this new reality has been woefully inadequate. The old unexamined condemn-it-all reactions to nudity and erotica just do not work.

    They do not work.

    They do not help.

    And they do not ring true.

    And to be truthful the church’s response to male sexuality and the desire to look was woefully inadequate even in pre-internet days. Basically we made men feel lustful and guilty for doing the very innocent thing God hard-wired us to do - enjoy the view.

    Align Our Moral Theology With Scripture

    It is time we stop unthinkingly repeating what we have always said. Armed with some simple clear reasoning and with the leading of the Holy Spirit let us be courageous enough to reexamine this aspect of our moral theology in the pure light of the Word of God. I believe the Lord is trying to speak to His church on these matters. We need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

    It is the position of this writer that:

    1. The enjoyment of nudity and erotica is normal, natural, and God ordained.
    2. Porn is degrading to women, defiling to men, and to be avoided at all costs.
    3. It is not as easy to commit the sin of lust as we have been given to believe.

    It is my prayer that you will read on, think about what I have to say, and let God inform your perspective on nudity and erotica.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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