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    I know that some visiting this site will no doubt be shocked beyond measure and wonder at the new depths of depravity to which they will feel Christian sexual morality has sunk, and in good faith will fear for or doubt my salvation. (Little will they realize that most of these writings and thoughts come out of a very devote and disciplined devotional time with the Lord.) They will immediately label everything they see on this site “pornography.” And I must say I understand their mindset. At one time it would have been my own.

    Defcon 1.

    I was raised and for many years ministered in a very conservative denomination. While there was much good, we also lived in a constant state of high alert, a spiritual DEFCON 1, always protecting ourselves from the perils of promiscuity and all forms of sexual sin, waging a relentless war with the devious demon of desire we called “lust.”

    Our lives were governed by rules. Never be alone with a woman who was not your wife. Do not admire “the beauty of God’s creation” in the form of a female. No second glances at that marvelous butt that just walked by.

    We avoid anything and everything with the slightest hint of sexuality. Our men dressed conservatively and our woman were to wear only appropriate attire that met with our “standards of holiness” (so called); loose clothing with high necklines and long sleeves.

    Sex with our wife was our friend. All other stirrings were evil, sinful, and to be feared and avoided at all costs.

    A Sexualized Life

    Needless to say it was a rather uptight existence that not only robbed life of much of its simple joy but was totally counterproductive. Rather than protect against sexual excess it sexualized every encounter with every female all the time. There was no relaxing. We were in constant vigilance twenty four hours a day.

    Did you enjoy the glimpse of cleavage you got when the checkout lady leaned forward?



    Did you notice the curvaceous behind of the young lady jogging by?


    Did you think that the long hair on the pretty lady in the next pew was quite attractive?


    Did you watch Cat Woman and think that Halle Berry was particularly beautiful in her black jumpsuit, or that “7 of 9” on Star Trek was (God forbid!) rather nice to look at?


    Are you enjoying the smile and voice of the pretty weather woman just a little bit too much?


    Do you think that Kelly Ripa on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" has nice legs, and do you enjoy the view when she shifts in her chair?


    Are you one of those horrible creatures known as a man?


    and when you are done REPENT again,

    and when you are just about to stop . . . REPENT some more.

    This approach made every sexual stirring a sin, and every pleasant view a problem. Our constant inner warfare came out of our own warped view of human sexuality. It was a degraded, perverted, and pornographic mindset that sexualized even the most casual encounter. It did not glorify God in any way. In fact, it made a problem where no problem would otherwise exist and made the potential for a “fall” into sexual sin so much more likely.

    Don’t Repent. Relax!!

    If we can just relax
    and realize that we
    are all sexual creatures
    living in a sexual world
    we just might be able
    to enjoy life more.

    But if we can just relax and realize that we are all sexual creatures living in a sexual world we just might be able to enjoy life more. Men, listen me (and woman too I suppose), there is no danger in enjoying the view of that pretty young lady and her well proportioned figure singing a solo in church on Sunday morning. Those lovely curves you noticed as she walked to the platform to sing, and those perky little breasts hiding demurely behind a layer of lovely fabric as she faces you are just a normal part of life, of being human . . . and you enjoying the view is just a normal part of being male. Looking is not lust. Enjoying the view is not lust. It is not even lust if it stirs your sexuality. It is just a delightful view. That’s all it is, just a delightful view.

    The pornographic mindset has a sordid view of our sexuality. This website does not. It depicts nudity and sexuality as a beautiful and God given gift to be enjoyed (within godly and biblical guidelines) and celebrated in both spousal and solo sex.

    Sex is not Sordid

    The pornographers depict nudity and sex as sordid and stimulating. The religious regard all depictions of nudity and sexuality as sordid and sinful. Both the pornographers and the religious see depictions of nudity and sexuality in ways that do not glorify God or bring help to humanity. It is a two sided coin and each is a flip side of the other.

    God made nudity and sexuality as things of beauty that bless and minister life and comfort and pleasure. Pleasure is God’s idea. The pleasure of seeing a beautiful nude is God’s idea. The pleasure of sex and sexuality is God’s idea. Enjoying them is part of God’s plan and the fulfillment of His purpose. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. The pure in heart do not see sin, or evil in the handiwork of God which is the nude human being; the pure in heart see God in the naked body.

    To the pure all things are pure, including the naked body of a woman or a man.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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