• The Marvels of Masturbation

    I believe that the time has come for masturbation, especially among men of God, men who love and serve God with all their spirit, soul, and body, with everything that is within them, with their entire being, not to be regarded with shame and emotional pain, but to be celebrated freely as the wonderful, marvelous gift from God that it truly is. The time has come for those moments of sensuality to be celebrated, cultivated, and culminated with joy at the pleasure received and rejoicing in the goodness of the God who gave such pleasure and wants it to be freely enjoyed.

    Celebration of Sensuality

    The moment a man becomes erect,
    and delights in that erection,
    is a moment of deliverance
    from the religious lies
    that have denigrated
    God given male sexuality.

    I believe that when a young man, or any man for that matter, finds himself erect, no matter how he arrives at that powerful place, he should freely take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to experience the potential for great pleasure and the sweet relief of release of which his body is delightfully capable. Again, masturbation is to be celebrated, intently, freely, and delightfully, and not regarded as a source of shame. This is one of our most private and sacred of moments - moments of pleasure, release, and freedom in Christ.

    The moment a man becomes erect, and delights in that erection, is a moment of deliverance from the religious lies that have denigrated God given male sexuality. It is a moment in which he attributes to God the glory that is due to His Name. I am male. I am aroused. This is a moment when I can experience one of the most enjoyable things God has given me to enjoy; both strength and sensuality.

    The moment that man places his hand on his erection, lets his fingers encircle his shaft, he is declaring that I can touch myself for purposes of pleasure, and this is good in the eyes of Almighty God. His hand is placed where centuries of religious lies have told him it cannot be. His hand is poised to move, to gently caress that which can give him so much pleasure. A decision has to be made. What does he do with what he is holding? Does he let the moment slip away, or does he enter into and subsequently experience the fullness of pleasure and release which is now possible?

    Stroke Away!

    He makes a decision
    and begins to stroke
    his erection. He feels
    the delight of sexual sensations
    as his hand moves. . .

    He makes a decision and begins to stroke his erection. He feels the delight of sexual sensations as his hand moves from the base of his penis, up the shaft, and caresses the sensitive head of his excitement. Perhaps he continues as he is, or maybe he reaches for some lubrication which will ease the up and down stroke of his hand, and intensify the sensations. Or he uses a warm and well lubricated sexual toy like a Fleshlight or Tenga Flip-Hole, delighting in the delicious moment when the Fleshlight slides over the sensitive head of his erection and slowly engulfs his manhood in warmth and smooth sensuality. He may simply enjoy the moment for itself, or call to mind a future time in which it will be his naked bride, her breasts in full delightful view, his eyes and hands caressing her beauty, with her hand caressing his erection, or her mouth stimulating, or (oh joy of joys) her hips pressed against his and her luscious vagina enfolding his manhood and calling forth his excitement to erupt in an orgasm with spasms of pleasure and extreme delight. And should the time be right, plant in her womb the seed of life which will produce that miracle called a child.

    However he does it he feels his excitement rising, his testicles tightening, a warmth moving throughout his body, sensations reaching a pinnacle of pleasure that is a point of no return. Suddenly it is happening, deep within his genitals muscles are beginning to tighten, contractions are starting, he has held off for as long as he could and has now reached that glorious point no return. Suddenly the “seed of life” flows powerfully from his now taunt body, in glorious spurt after spurt. He ejaculates and waves of pleasure and release flood his entire being. What a beautiful experience. What a glorious sight. Then, all too soon it is over. But he lays there for a moment as the release of peace producing chemicals flood his entire being. He feels the joy of release and the afterglow of pleasure. And then, with no small degree of delight, perhaps as he is discarding the tissue into which he ejaculated, or cleans out the toy into which his semen flowed, or as he is wipes off his body onto which joy juice erupted, he realizes that even now his body is working to slowly and steadily replenish this fluid of life and, in due course of time, he can do this all over again.

    God is good. Life is good. Hallelujah!

    More Masturbation

    I believe that Christian men everywhere should feel free to enjoy more masturbation, not less, and do so with no sense of shame, or guilt, and especially with no overshadowing of it being “sin.” No, we should both enjoy more masturbation, and enjoy masturbation more. It is a freely given gift of our great God. He made us, created us with hand and penis in delightfully close proximity, gave us the potential for pleasure when one is applied to the other, and rejoices when we enjoy the delights of the act.

    Masturbation is a simple celebration of one of God’s great gifts to mankind, a gift to be freely and fully enjoyed. Enjoy the sacredness of these very private moments. A man alone, enjoying the delights of being male, and savoring the gift of sexual pleasure just as God intended.


    I invite you to visit the
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    website for a more complete look at this topic.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.