• Ejaculation

    And so we come to the conclusion of the matter, of every session of self and/or spousal pleasuring. This moment, the moment of orgasm and ejaculation, either during intercourse or during masturbation is the most private and intense moment of a man’s life. In intercourse he is sharing that moment with his God given spouse; in masturbation he is doing so in private, sharing it with God alone.

    Our Most Vulnerable Moment

    Never is a man more vulnerable; never are his body, soul, and spirit more open. In marriage the two become one physically, and in a shared moment abandoned to pleasure and release. And during solo sex he is being most authentically male, most authentically human, and most authentically good to himself. That glorious moment when his pleasure muscles contract and the seed of life flows in rhythmic spurts from his erection he is declaring, “My Body is good. This is a gift from God. I am a son of the Most High God and I am well deserving of this pleasure and release. This is not a thing of shame. My Body is not a thing of shame and sin. This is a gift from God which I can freely and joyously enjoy.” And so he does.

    Release and Pure Pleasure

    In spousal sex he enters his wife and the two of them enjoy the ultimate gift of our humanness together. In solo sex he takes his penis, or his erection if he has reached that stage, in his hand, or uses a sex toy, and carefully and deliberately strokes, encouraging the mounting pleasure, and doing all he can, using whatever means he can, he continues on until that moment of no return when his body and hardness are at their moment of peak anticipation and suddenly, joy of all joys, it begins. As wave after wave of pleasure surges through his body spurt after spurt of seminal fluid leaps from his erection in release and pure pleasure. He has an orgasm. He ejaculates. And then he settles into that tranquil moment before clean up, when the raging waves of passion no longer beat on the shores of his humanity, his erection begins wane, and he is at ultimate peace, peace within his body, peace with his body and his personhood, and peace with his God.

    God’s Idea; Our Enjoyment

    After all, it was He who gave a man his penis and balls. It was He who designed our wives with a vagina into which our penis could go and be enveloped with moist soft pleasure giving flesh. And it was He who gave us the potential to stimulate our penis until it was hard, wrap our hands around it and stroke up and down giving ourselves pleasure. And it was He who fashioned us such that our sexual organs would contract in spasms of great pleasure and cause a white flow of semen to shoot forth from our bodies. So this is simply a description of what God has done. And I say He had a wonderful idea and give men a marvelous gift.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.