• Erotic Enjoyment

    Being fully human, and fully male, there are many, many opportunities to simply enjoy the view, and do so without restraint, and without guilt. Let us think of, and savor, a few moments of erotic enjoyment we can imagine or remember. Some of these are accidental, others are by intent. Either way, just the thought of them reminds us of how good it is to be male.

    Down Blouse

    One of the secret joys of being fully male and free to enjoy the full beauty of the female form is the occasional down blouse peek. There is something quite delightful about an accidental glimpse, a moment of sometimes surprise, even shock, when an attractive young lady leans forward at the checkout counter, or twists just that certain way and your vantage point allows you to see what is not ordinarily seen, the beauty of more breast than she meant to show, or joy of all joys, a nipple gets exposed just for your viewing pleasure. . . or you are at a party and the front of some lovely young thing’s top falls forward just enough and before you know it you have caught a delightful glimpse of her lacy bra, or even more is she is small and not wearing one. A simple flash of the beauty of the female form innocently exposed and innocently enjoyed. No lust here . . . not wanting to “jump her bones” . . . just simply enjoying the view. And those who say they don’t - enjoy the view that is - are denying the pleasurable reality of healthy male God-given sexuality.

    Nip Slips

    Closely related to the delightful Down Blouse is the notorious Nip Slip, that moment in time when an article of clothing shifts and what was once mere cleavage becomes an (OMG!!) exposed nipple. Yee Haw!

    Just what is it about nipples that concern us so? Hollywood and High Society babes walk around with little or no clothing . . . here, there, and everywhere. We see the sides of beasts, the bottom of breasts, and the tops and even deep cleavage. All is well just so long as that marvel of all marvels, the nipple, is not seen. Well, at least not seen directly. It can be shown through tops that are translucent, even transparent, but a fully exposed totally naked nipple is beyond the pale. Oh well, that is one mystery we are not going to solve today. Suffice it to be said that this nipple prohibition only makes a Nip Slip all the more delightful.


    One could say that they are bold, they are brave, and they are brazen. However you describe them they somehow manage to wear clothing that few other women would dare, clothing that has a V neckline so low that it approaches and sometimes reaches their bellybutton, exposing most of their breasts for us all to see.

    And see we do, gentle curves that, when in motion, sway and bounce ever so enticingly. Mounds of visual joy barely covered by fragile fabric; one wonders how they are in place at all - a sight that causes breast lovers everywhere to rejoice in pure delight. A vision of loveliness that, when actually in their presence makes it hard to not stare directly, an inclination to which one can gladly surrender when viewing them online. So look, my friend, look and enjoy.

    There are even times when cleavage makes the news. The ever bodacious Katy Perry wore an outfit with breast exposing cleavage on a segment with the Muppets, a segment that showed Elmo with his mouth wide open. Whether in delight or dismay we will never know. That segment never aired.


    There are some situations in which almost the only word one can say is . . . OOPS!

    Well, almost. You could also say wow, yee haw, yippee, or any other such . . . perhaps juvenile . . . delightful exclamations.

    But hey, admit it . . . a boob falls out of a dress, the wind blows a skirt up exposing a lovely pair of panties, or less . . . Christian or not, what red blooded male does not enjoy such a sight? Weather it is the always photogenic Paris Hilton once again slipping half out of her dress, or a high society lady who has an accidental misadventure getting out of her car, these are true "Wardrobe Malfunctions" it is always a delight to see.

    It reminds one of the childhood school yard rhyme:

    “I see London
    I see France,
    I see Sally’s

    When it comes to such things I guess we are all kids at heart.

    Side Boob

    A nicely formed breast from any angle is a “thing of beauty and a joy to behold.” And to catch more of one than the lady expected you to see, and from an unexpected angle . . . that just adds to the voyeuristic thrill. I confess I have not seen as many Side Boobs in real life. I guess I have not been around enough women who wear the loose sleeveless attire necessary for such a pleasure, but what I have seen I certainly enjoyed.

    And what I see captured in picture definitely brings a smile to my face. Not only is there the thrill of the unexpected, but we must admit it is a nice angle from which to see a pleasantly formed breast.

    I am sure the Lord smiles when we do at such a sight, seeing as He is the one who designed and created the magnificence and, as any artist, He is glad when we appreciate His work.


    Just what inspires these spur of the moment joyous flashes of skin, breast and more? Who knows? I am sure I don’t. I am just happy that it happens, and I am glad to celebrate that it does!

    Some flashes are obviously meant for the pleasure and somewhat erotic entertainment of the man who is taking the picture, obviously never intended to be shared on the WWW for your and my viewing pleasure. But others happen in obviously social situations; at sports events, in bars, and just out in the world in general.

    Of course it is good to see people having spontaneous life celebrating fun. And it is even nicer to see a young woman lift the veil of secrecy (quite literally, I suppose) about the female form. As well, she is obviously affirming that her breasts are well worth the look; after all, no one is going to flash what they believe to be unsightly.

    And so we celebrate these ladies, both young and not so young. You wanted someone to see, and if you were in a crowd, you wanted everyone to see. So, we see; we are looking at what you have chosen to show and we say “Thanks!”

    And well done.

    Sheer Joy, See Through

    Ever sit in a room, perhaps an auditorium, and enjoy the sun streaming through the window, warming everything in its path. Suddenly, a delightful young lady walks in front of you, into the sunlight, and the bright rays illuminate her entire form and the cloth that hid the fullness of her beauty now exposes the full glory of her silhouette. Then there are other times when a woman intentionally wears something that is so translucent as to almost be transparent, and all you can do is thank God for the designer who made it, and her courage for wearing what he has created. I once worshipped with a church that met in a room with one long wall of large windows. Needless to say there were many such times I witnessed this kind of “illumination” and I can tell you those were truly moments of “sheer joy.”

    For some strange reason of male sexual wiring we sometimes find a veiled body even more enticing than one that is fully nude. Is it because it only shows the good and hides so many little flaws? Is it the tease? Perhaps it is simply the naughty sense of furtively seeing the forbidden? We are skirting society’s norms by showing or seeing more than is usually culturally acceptable? Whatever the reason, we have been blessed to see some veiled beauties.

    Our modern females are not exactly dancing Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils, but I am sure the fabric, the fascination, and the effect is much the same. Enjoy!

    Celebrity Nudes

    I confess that one aspect of female beauty I greatly enjoy is that of public persons who have shared their private beauty with us; celebrities and movie stars who have posed or appeared nude in film. I admire their courage, and savor their beauty. In them I see the beauty of face, as well as curve of breast and behind. It is a feast for the senses of the very best kind.

    And other times they have either posed nude, or almost so, or worn fashions that delight us by revealing more than they conceal. Sheer fabrics and low cut dresses can add much to the presentation of the prime of human beauty.

    Yes, I know there are Christians who regard any such enjoyment as sinful, but their concern is misguided by an unfortunate misunderstanding of the Word of God, and denial of the wonder and splendor of male human sexuality. We are wired to visually enjoy the pleasure of the female form, and so we should. So I am presenting here a gallery of very public faces who have shared with us the simple splendor of their “private places.” Savor, enjoy, and thank God for the delight of being human, and the joy of being male.

    Luxurious Lingerie

    There are few articles of clothing worn so briefly but with such a profound joyous effect as those little nothings known as lingerie. Whole clothing stores and complete franchises are dedicated solely to their marketing. Bras that present the breasts like innocent puppies just waiting to be caressed. Panties begging to be explored, to be touched, covering bottoms that crave cupping, and fabrics more fun than functional.

    Yes, I have seen and enjoyed the view of professional model with flawless makeup and near perfect bodies presented for my erotic enjoyment, clothed in the most exciting attired possible. But more to my liking are the candid pictures of a young lady who, fresh from her bath, has slipped into something more “comfortable” (as if they really are, or that was their purpose), and with sexual intimacy very much on her mind, presents all her wares provocatively packaged in such as way to stir strong desire, passionate advances, and strong excitement on the part of her spouse. These imperfect but delightful pictures of these pure moments of anticipation between husband and wife cannot help but make one smile, and then vicariously experience at least a measure of the delight a man experiences when his wife has taken the time to present herself with such shame free abandon.

    Praise be to God!


    Bra and panties; women have not always worn them, and in some non-western cultures they still don’t. But when they do, oh what a sweet delight it is to see a beautiful lady showing those wonderful garments that both support and cover those lovely areas of female form, giving even more excellent shape to tops, shirts, dressed, and pants.

    She is either putting something on after awaking, or taking something off before bath or bed. Either way, the look of those lovely under things not only inspired admiration, but sometimes libido as well. In fact, during lovemaking it can be a sensual delight to have a lacy bra or frilly and patterned panties as a form of lingerie. Especially if the bra is a pushup, or the pasties are especially transparent or patterned.

    In fact, for many men, their earliest memories of exploring and discovering their own sexuality began with the underwear models in the Sears catalogue, especially the Christmas edition. Lovely ladies in pretty little things - just what a young man needed to spark many an enjoyable private moment.

    So here they are; either getting ready for something, or simply getting ready for whatever end of the day ritual they enjoy. And you get to enjoy them in the little nothings that give form and shape to the clothes in which they both work and play.

    Pretty Panties

    Ok, so perhaps I have a fetish. If I do, at least it is rather harmless and relatively easy to satisfy.

    I would, for the most part, rather see a pretty lady wearing panties than to see her fully nude. And these days the panties can be just so very delightful; delicate little things that accentuate some of the best parts of a female figure.

    Ah, perhaps I should clarify the “fetish” thing. No, I don’t have an urge to raid panties from any of the neighbor’s clotheslines. And I am not like those Japanese men who buy worn panties from vending machines on their way home from work. (Can you imagine!?) No, I simply enjoy the sight of a woman wearing panties. Perhaps it is more accurately described as a proclivity? Whatever; I think panties are pretty.



    Free of bra, slip, and fabric.

    No blouse, dress, or even bra less T-shirt. Just “top free,” naked from the waist up for all to see.

    How lovely; how wonderful.

    After all, I am a man and I like lovely breasts.

    Psalm 139:13 - 15

    For You formed my inward parts;
    You covered me in my mother’s womb.

    I will praise You,
    for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Marvelous are Your works,
    And that my soul knows very well.

    My frame was not hidden from You,
    When I was made in secret,
    And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

    Yes, a woman is "fearfully and wonderfully made," and few things display that better than lovely naked breasts.

    Nudes - A Redeemed Perspective

    Nude, just plain nude, letting it all show for the entire world to see. How liberating and self affirming that must be. Knowing that those who see your picture have the privilege of viewing the handiwork of God in its most sublime form, the beautiful body of a woman.

    Yes, I know that most nudes have no idea of what they are sharing. They may just be trying to make a dollar or two, but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy their fine form with a redeemed mentality, savoring the sight of their naked body with the full realization of what God our Creator has made, and how it reflects His grace and His glory. Not only are their billions of cells functioning in concert together, organs each providing their part, but the appearance of it all makes the spirit soar with joy at just the sight of such beauty.

    Indeed, as the old hymn says,

    “This is my Father's world,
    and to my listening ears
    all nature sings, and round me rings
    the music of the spheres.
    This is my Father's world:
    I rest me in the thought
    of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
    His hand the wonders wrought.”

    And His hand the wonders wrought is nowhere more evident than in the body of a woman.

    Vintage Nudes

    Hugh Hefner many have popularized the nude and erotic photograph of pretty ladies in 1953 and brought them within easy access for any male longing for sexual stimulation and enjoyment, but he did not invent the genre. It appears that men and women have been enjoying nudity for as long as there have been photographs, and even longer if you care to look at other forms of art. But especially photos. Imagine the effect it had on men worldwide, to have picture of exactly what a naked young woman looked like. Imagine how their personal and private sexual lives were transformed!

    And these were real women. Usually not as thin as the models we see today. Their beasts were real and their bush still intact. No shaved prepubescent-like pubes here - at least when they dared show pubic hair. As you may know, it took a long time before Playboy got away with it and made it socially acceptable. So here we have them, not in the poses and styles of today. The ladies of yesteryear undraped, just the way our fathers enjoyed them, during their private moment of pleasure in the basement, or garage, or other moments of safe seclusion.

    And now we can enjoy them too!

    Lovely Legs

    How sweet it is to see a lovely set of legs walk by. And I suppose we all have our preferences. I cannot even explain fully what makes a lady’s legs attractive to me but every once in a while I see a photo of an attractive lady and find myself thinking; “Those legs!” It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, Wow!

    Perhaps it is the length in proportion to the rest of her body? Or maybe it is just that they are slim. All I know is I like what I like. And I really enjoy the view.

    Tights and Pantyhose

    Long lovely slim legs and curvaceous behind covered by sheer clear pantyhose, stretch tights, and stretchy pants that reveal the interesting and enticing. A young lady jogs by and you turn and look and there they are, those long legs and beautiful bottom covered by skin hugging stretchy fabric. Yes! Life is good. And the view is splendid.

    I love a woman in pantyhose, in exercise tights, in anything thin and stretchy. To be honest with you, sometimes they serve the same purpose for me as would lingerie! Just another way of pleasantly packaging that most beautiful of God's creations, the body of a woman.

    When God formed and fashioned Eve and presented her to Adam, He truly was presenting him with a wonderful gift. Sometimes I like my version of that gift "wrapped" in pantyhose or tights.

    Skinny Dipping

    Hey, is there any greater sense of freedom and sheer beauty than that experienced when one removes all their clothes and with utter abandon leaps naked-as-the-day-they-were-born into the clear cool waters for a refreshing dip? This delightful combination of freedom and beauty brings joy to both the participant, and the observer. Hence, I am giving us a chance to observe here and now. Enjoy!

    Just look at them, frolicking naked in the waves, swimming uninhibited by fabric, feeling the delight of bare skin in cool water.

    Guys growing up often went skinny dipping together, but to go with a young lady . . . a dream almost beyond compare!

    Oh the sweet joy of swimming as God intended.

    Bathing Beauties

    Is there any more sweet and sublime sight than a young lady, or not so young for that matter, reclining gracefully or splashing playfully in a hot sudsy tub? Not only can a bath be a soothing sensual delight, but it is so very often a precursor to something even more fun, and definitely more intimate.

    Bathing as foreplay, oh how sweet it is!

    Bikini Babes

    Sometime a bit of cloth covering secret and sensitive areas can be more erotic and enticing than full blown nudity. Even songs have been written about this smallest but most attractive and functional pieces of clothing. “She wore an itsy bitsy . . .”

    Itsy Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie,
    Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

    (Paul Vance / Lee Pockriss) Brian Hyland

    She was afraid to come out of the locker
    She was as nervous as she could be
    She was afraid to come out of the locker
    She was afraid that somebody would see...
    Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore

    It was an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
    That she wore for the first time today
    An itsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini
    So in the locker she wanted to stay....
    Two, three, four, stick around we'll tell ya more

    She was afraid to come out in the open
    And so a blanket around her she wore
    She was afraid to come out in the open
    And so she sat bundled up on the shore...
    Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore

    It was an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
    That she wore for the first time today
    An itsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini
    So in the blanket she wanted to stay...
    Two, three, four, stick around we'll tell ya more

    Now she's afraid to come of the water
    And I wonder what she's gonna do
    Now she's afraid to come out of the water
    And the poor little girl's turnin' blue
    Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore...

    It was an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
    That she wore for the first time today
    An itsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini
    So in the water she wanted to stay

    From the locker to the blanket
    From the blanket to the shore
    From the shore to the water
    Guess there isn't any more!

    Ah yes, the sweet joys of being a young man and going to the beach to “swim”, surrounded by pretty young women in bikinis, packaging what God gave them, in a most attractive manner.

    Beautiful Bums

    One of the delightful things about the fair sex is that God made them so wonderful to look at, both coming and going, whether they’re going is covered with clothing or naked as God originally intended. The gracious slope of the back descending and the sublime curve of the leg ascending both of which meet in the middle of what can sometimes be a most delightful bum.

    Rounded in just the right way, inviting an admiring glance, and when it is one’s spouse, wonderful to touch and caress. God made it so. He knew what effect it would have on our desires. He knew we would want to appreciate the view. He knew it would sometimes stir our loins. And He delighted to make it so.

    So look. Look without shame, hesitation, or fear of doing something wrong. You do not want to commit sexual sin with her; you are just allowing yourself that second glance at God’s marvelous handiwork. Discretely turn around and take a lingering look at the jogger as she continues her way into the distance.

    Pokies - “Here I am, notice me!”

    Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that pokies are fun. Those delightful, sometimes awkward moments when a ladies nipples are clearly showing through her bra as well as her blouse, sweater, or T shirt. Those of us with an appreciation for such thing enjoy the view.

    I mean, there she is all innocent like, and her nipples are standing at attention saying, “Here I am, notice me!” And notice we do, even if it is only sneaking a sideways glance when she is not looking.

    Mind you, I find it rather ironic that exposure to the cold, the thing that makes a man’s penis retract, shrink, or shrivel (no matter how you say it, the penis simply looks smaller), is often the same thing that makes a woman’s nipples protrude.

    Little Titties

    Some guys like “big bazookas”, others prefer small, or even tiny titties, and others go for more regular. If I have to choose between the big and the small, give me the small any day!

    You know the saying, any more than a handful (or a mouthful) is a waste. My sentiments exactly.

    One of the problems with modern “porn” is its artificiality. During a TV program I recently heard a porn producer who had been an actor in his early days comment on how dull the modern “product” has become. All “perfect” boobs, artificially enlarged, on thoroughly plastic bodies. Such a sad commentary on our times.

    Small titties are quite often found on small bodies, of lithe fit active women. That is something I can embrace and strongly support. In fact, I will turn and look at a runner with small boobs any day, and totally ignore the Pamela Anderson’s of this world.

    Eh, each to his own.

    Pubic Hair

    I confess I like it, pubic hair that is. And I also confess that I am no fan of the popular practice of shaved pubes. It seems that the young want to look older and those who are more mature want to look very, very young. Why, I am not quite sure. So, that is one of the reasons why I like to see at least some pubic hair in a picture of a pretty naked woman. It makes her look more like, well, a woman.

    A bit of a trim, that I can appreciate. Tidys things up a bit. But a total shave . . . not so much.

    And I am not the only one who appreciates a bit of "carpet", whether it matches the "drapes" or not. Sister Wendy Beckett on PBS once innocently directed her viewer’s attention to the "lovely, fluffy pubic hair" in a Spencer portrait, not knowing she was doing something unusual. Now, how is that for being totally pure in heart!

    Pubic hair; God put it there. We may as well enjoy the view.


    Every once in a while it happens. A pretty lady sits across from you in a meeting. She shifts her position, goes to cross her legs, and before you know it you have had a glance and you know exactly what color of panties she has on. It is a brief moment of erotic delight, especially if, like me, you have a particular fondness for panties. In fact, those few times when I have had an upskirt peek, not only has she shifted her position, I have had to as well, to conceal my growing excitement. A small price to pay I think for such a moment of pleasure.

    Why is it such a pleasure? Perhaps there is also the lure of the forbidden. And I think there is a bit of a voyeur in all of us men. There is even a bit of unintended humor in the situation as well.

    The interesting thing is that for the most part we are only seeing the exact same thing we would see if we were at a beach and the woman whose panties we have seen was wearing a swim suit. Ah, but the situation is different, and herein is the naughty delight.


    Nudists are people who enjoy being together in social situations, in the nude. Whether it is sitting together having a hot drink, swimming, going for a walk, or playing tennis, it is all done in the nude whenever possible. Not for sexual purposes, but simply because it feels good to do so. At least that is one of the reasons. I am sure that each nudist has their own private reasons as well.

    And there are many Christians who also are nudists. They get together at nudist campgrounds and have online support groups where they discuss the nudist lifestyle in the light of scripture. They have studied the Word of God and come to the conclusion that their enjoyment is not forbidden anywhere. In fact, being nude was God’s idea. As the saying goes, “God’s original intent was to hang out in a garden with some naked vegetarians.” He thought it was good then, and both He and Christian nudists think it is good today.

    Well then, sounds good to me as well!

    Vintage Nudists

    The nudist movement has been around for quite some time. We know this because the history has been well chronicled in both prose and in pictures. Magazines have been published over the years specifically for this market and today we get to benefit from this because those magazines came with wonderful pictures of naked men and women.

    These were not the erotic pictures seen in the “girly” magazines, such as Playboy and Penthouse and others too numerous to mention. No, these were simply photos of nudists doing what nudists do; swimming, playing games, having meals, enjoying walks and engaging in conversation. Mind you, I am sure that men who were not nudists also bought them to enjoy the naked females, even using them as an aid to solitary sexual arousal.

    The joyous thing for me is that these were men and woman “au natural,” usually shown in the original state in which God created them. Certainly the men did not shave their public hair, and for the most part even though they might have tidied up the landscape, women did not shave either. This only adds to the beauty of the pictures.

    Beautiful Faces

    The ultimate joy in a woman is to have a pleasant personality, a cooperative attitude, a nice figure, and a pretty face. Sad to say the combination of all four is not always present.

    We men have a closely guarded secret within our testosterone fraternity. The secret is we like to look at woman. Well, not so much of a secret perhaps, but few females realize just how much, how often, and how democratic we are in this desire. We will look at any woman we find pleasing to the eye. As Christians we do not have sinful designs when we cast a lingering appreciative view, but look we do, frequently.

    Sometimes in a store or another public place we will catch sight of what looks to be a beautiful creature roaming the isles. And often we will linger next to the cereal just a bit longer than we would have otherwise. And if all we have seen is an appealing side or back view, we will maneuver ourselves, going around the isle to catch a better view, and with one question in mind. No, we don’t want to know if the “carpet matches the curtains” (well, we do, but discovering that in a grocery store is highly unlikely.) No, we want to know is if the face is as fantastic as the figure. Is the complete package as beautiful as the bit we have seen?

    An episode of Friends explored this, with the guys going around the next isle to check it out, and coming face to face with disappointment and saying a loud inner “ewwww!”

    For me, a nice figure alone just will not cut it. I need both face and figure to be fantastic. The faces on this page are superb.

    Just Plain Sexy

    Ok, some women are just plain sexy. It is not always that they have the most beautiful face, or a perfect figure (whatever that may be), but there is something about the combination of looks and character, of figure and face and attitude that just plain “does it” for me.

    And each of us has our own criteria. I do know that I like women who are more thin than thick. I am not attracted to a female with a round face. I like high cheekbones. Athletic is a plus. Long thin legs are nice as well. And a medium sized bust is a bonus. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever taken a second look at a woman with a big bosom, except as a curiosity, certainly never in admiration. And for some reason a bit of a seasoned look is attractive as well. And I do like a cute little bum.

    What more can I say except that, while I admire, appreciate, and enjoy the view of these women, and even if given a chance will enjoy their company in a social setting, I do not lust after them. Yes, if I am going to use a picture as an aid to self satisfaction I will obviously use one of someone I find attractive, but there is a world of a difference between that and lusting after someone. Lust does not mean experiencing attraction or even strong sexual stimulation because of them, even if that stimulation leads to a solitary “happy ending.” No, lust means wanting to commit sexual sin with that person. And that I certainly do not.

    R-E-L-A-X and Enjoy!

    So, as we come to the end of this list of potential voyeuristic pleasures it might be good to reflect for a moment. God wired a man exactly as he is, and as men we enjoy the sight of a fine female figure. As for those who know they enjoy the view, even secretly hoping for those delightful moments, but who feel “convicted” about it, I have one big piece of advice. R – e –l-a-a-a-a-ax and enjoy the simple pleasures of being male. Life can be hard enough without being unnecessarily concerned every time something happens that reminds you that you are fully alive. Instead of letting it be a struggle, let it be a delight and from that moment on savor your sweet little secret and let it bring a smile to your face all week long.

    Google to Your Heart's Content

    Other than Beautiful Faces I have chosen to not display pictures of women representative of the various categories mentioned on this page . But if you want to see cleavage, or pretty panties, or skinny dipping, or any other form of visual delight, you can always do a Google image search and enjoy to your heart's content. There is more than enough out there to satisfy any mans curiousity, or libido for that matter.

    Ordinary Women Nude

    Chances are, if you are married, the woman you most see nude and with whom you make love is not a typical “beauty queen.” Yes, she is beautiful to you, and you say and do things that make her feel she is the most gorgeous woman in your entire world. But truth be told, she would not be asked to pose for professional nude modeling. Perhaps she is a pound or two over the required weight. Maybe one breast is larger than the other, or they are not as round, supple or well proportioned as the “ideal.” Perhaps her breasts and hips are more ordinary than extraordinary.

    These are the ordinary women of our ordinary lives. They love us, bear and care for our children, work either in or outside the home, and are often nude in our presence – in bed, in the bath, or just around the house.

    Yes, you can search the internet and find women who are much more "beautiful", both clothed and naked, but I also want to celebrate the fine form of the Ordinary Woman. As you look at them their less than perfect figures may be obvious, but truth be told, theirs is the average figure you are going to see on your wedding night, and every night and day thereafter for the rest of your life. So, enjoy your ordinary woman in all her naked glory.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.