• Passionate Kissing

    Most Christians believe that any and all depictions of nudity are suspect and sinful, and erotica, no matter how tastefully portrayed, is even more sinful. They are sinful because they might stir up sexual desire, which they call “lust” - something to be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t matter whether it is prose, poetry, art, film, or photography . . . anything that could in any way provoke interest or arousal must be condemned.

    With this assumption in mind let us look at that most wonderful of Biblical books, the Song of Solomon. All though those amazing eight chapters we find phrases which, if fully understood, seriously call into question the legitimacy of our anti-nudity and anti-erotica premise. How can we believe the Bible is against the very thing it contains? There are some amazing word pictures in this book; sensual snapshots designed to intentionally stir up passion, passion which is to be fully enjoyed. We will examine several topics of note. Unless indicated otherwise, all verses will be from the New King James Version.

    Passionate Kissing

    The book opens with kissing. And not just a hen-peck upon the cheek.

    Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
    Passionate Kissing. — For your love is better than wine."
    Song of Solomon 1:2. NKJV

    The word that is here translated "mouth" means the inside of the mouth, the area where food is tasted. This is sensuous, wet, open mouthed, hot and heavy, passionate kissing. Yee-haw!

    Elsewhere in the book it says that in their kissing she discovers that

    "His mouth is most sweet,
    Yes, he is altogether lovely."
    Song of Solomon 5:16 NKJV

    and he finds that

    "And the roof of your mouth like the best wine."
    Song of Solomon 7:9. NKJV

    Song of Solomon 1:2.
Passionate Kissing.

    This is passionate “French Kissing” beyond all doubt. Kissing that is full of heat and desire. Kissing that inflames the passions. Kissing that invites further sensuality. The Anchor Bible says it seems likely these "explicit references to kisses ... include amative oral activities."

    The Jerusalem Bible implies more than mouth to mouth kissing.

    "Your lips cover me with kisses"
    Song of Solomon 1:2.

    We are talking about all over body kissing; kissing the nape of the neck, kissing the lush full breasts, kissing the erect nipples, kissing the stomach, and kissing including the sensual joy of oral stimulation of the genitals. This is vulva moistening penis hardening kissing of the finest kind meant to stir strong sexual desire.

    How sweet it is when a couple exchange moments of tendernness during the day, moments that culminate in flaming passion during the night.

    We are serving a wonderful God!


    Song of Solomon 1:2.
Passionate Kissing.


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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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