• Explicit Erotica in the Sacred Scripture

    Were the Bible to be read seriously
    and faithfully portrayed in
    sketch, painting, photography, or film
    many Christians would refuse
    to have it in their homes
    lest they be somehow “defiled.”

    Those who have a serious problem with any and all depictions of nudity, and even more so with erotica and the intentional depictions of sexual behavior, no matter how discrete or tasteful, would really have a cause for complaint if the Word of God were faithfully and fully illustrated exactly as it is written. Not only do you have graphic descriptions of great violence, bloodshed, and terror, but there are prophetic men walking nude through the land, a Savior who purchased our salvation hanging totally naked between heaven and earth with his penis and testicles displayed for all to view, and open and ShockedandAppalled. explicit erotica complete with stunningly beautiful descriptions of manual stimulation, self stimulation, oral stimulation, breasts, a penis, thighs, genitals, and the ultimate act of marriage itself. Were the Bible to be read seriously and faithfully portrayed in sketch, painting, photography or film many Christians would refuse to have it in their homes lest they be somehow “defiled.” In fact, they understood the vivid, explicit, and glorious language of the Song of Solomon, if they used their godly imagination while reading that marvelous book, they would have to either hide it in horror, or come to accept and embrace a shame free appreciation for the sensual, the sexual, even the explicit when sensitively portrayed.

    Images of Intimate Lovemaking

    The Song of Solomon is not just full of nudity; it contains explicit erotica with amazingly beautiful descriptions of sexual images, sexual pleasure, and sexual acts. This book describes intimate lovemaking in all of its wonderful detail, including manual stimulation of each other’s genitals, oral stimulation of a husband’s erect penis by a wife, oral stimulation of a wife’s clitoris by a loving husband, a glorious description of a woman’s breasts, belly, face, and privates as her husband admires them, and a clear description of a man’s strong body including his erection as his wife admires him. Did you know that the Word of God in the Song of Solomon contains a shameless account of all of this? The Song of Solomon is simply all about the beauty of the human body and the splendor of sexual love. Song of Solomon 4.10. It is a Middle East erotic love poem of the most graphic kind about sexual lovemaking, and in its descriptions it spares no detail. In a few pages I will describe what I mean in detail, and explain its significance.

    We Think in Pictures

    If we let our imagination “see” what is being described in this love poem we will see all of the above! As the writer looked we would look. As he became stimulated we would become stimulated. You would see the many wonderful things that a married couple can do to each other using hands, and mouth and genitals? If we fully understood the explicit, erotic, graphic language we would see him caress her naked breasts, kiss her stomach, and fondle her vulva and stimulate her clitoris. You would see him give her a wet, passionate kiss that causes his naked penis to become excited and right in front of us become hard and erect. There he is a naked man who is fully and gloriously aroused, his penis erect; his balls dangling.

    We would see her caress his body, fondle his balls and take his hard penis in her hand and stroke him to further excitement. We would see him take her nipples in his mouth, lick her clitoris and her take his penis in her mouth and orally stimulate his hardness.

    And finally we would see that wonderful moment when she spreads her legs and he above her slowly slide his erect penis into her moist vagina. And we would see him thrusting in and out until she was fully satisfied and he finally ejaculates in her vagina.

    Why am I taking such pains to describe it all in such shocking explicit intimate detail? I am doing so because the Bible does!

    God’s “Erotic Video” of the Mind

    The Song of Solomon
    is full of graphic
    and sensual word pictures.
    It is literally
    an “erotic video”
    of the imagination.

    Now I ask you, does this not sound like erotica to you? Indeed, it is. Erotica is a tasteful depiction of sexual imagery, and it can be verbal, visual, or both, and it is designed to stimulate a sexual response. We naturally think in pictures and the Song of Solomon is full of graphic and sensual word pictures. It is literally an “erotic video” of the imagination. It is not “porn, but it is sexually stimulating erotica of the finest kind. And it is found in the Word of God. It was placed there by our Great God who knew we were visual creatures, who knew that as we read we would, in our imagination, “see” Word Pictures. these things in all of their explicit glory. And He knew that in reading such things not only will you “see” sexual images projected on the inner screen of your imagination, we would become highly aroused while doing so. He knew because He designed our sexuality and our bodies to respond this way. And He knew that becoming highly aroused by the word pictures He Himself painted, if our spouse was not available we would naturally stroke the erection His Holy Word produced until when the couple in the poem climaxed we would climax as well.

    We will see what the Song of Solomon really says. Let us try to understand its language. And let us enjoy the pleasure it can bring. After all, God put this wonderful book in Holy Writ. And these things are fully and completely described in the Bible, for our instruction, inspiration, and our enjoyment, even for our arousal. Yes, for our arousal!

    Erotica Then, Erotica Now

    And while we see what the Bible says it is my honest belief that if God put such sexually stimulating text in His Holy Book, full of word pictures that would cause us to “see” all it causes us to see, there is no way God will object to my seeing the same elsewhere. Therefore with a clear conscience I freely enjoy sexually stimulating nudes and erotica in print, sketch, photography and film.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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