• Declaration ~ “It is Good!”

    The time has come to declare the glory and the beauty of the human form. Male and female He made them “and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” He made them naked and declared “it is good.” He said “it is good” when they were pure, innocent. Yes, for their protection in a fallen world full of thistles and thorn, He clothed them, but never ever, not even after their fall into sin, did He look at the glory of their physical form and declare “Now, it is not good!” And neither should we.

    So Look!

    Because God looked and said
    it is good, I too can look
    at the naked man and
    the naked woman and say,
    with a heart full of praise,
    “It is good.”

    Because God looked at it all, including the naked man and the naked woman, and said it is good, so too can I as a redeemed man of God look at the naked man and the naked woman and say, It is Good. with a heart full of praise to the Lord for His marvelous artistry, “It is good.” I can look at it all . . . face, hands, stomach, back, legs, feet, bum, breasts, penis – yes even the most “private” parts - and say, without the slightest sense of wrongdoing or guilt, “It is good.” And I enjoy the view.

    Not only do I declare that our bodies are holy, that they are God artistic masterpiece, the crowning glory of God’s creation, that a man’s naked body is glorious, a woman’s unclothed body is a thing of great splendor, I also declare that spousal intimacy is a marvelous and magnificent mystery, and that self stimulation is a gift from God to be enjoyed with both intent and delight.

    All About God.

    All About God

    I will repeat this theme again, but let me say here and now that this site is really not all about nudity and erotica. It is really all about God. It is He who chose to make man and woman in their entire naked splendor. And it is He who declared that they are “made in His Image.” Since we all want to “see” more of God and to understand and enjoy Him more and more, does it not stand to reason that the more we see of that which is made “in His image” the more we will see of Him? And the physical and the sexual are not only glorious in themselves; they are glorious enough to be pictures of eternal truths and sacred mysteries.

    God looked, and enjoyed what He saw. So when you can I encourage you to look, enjoy, and draw near to the great God and our glorious Savior who made it all.

    God bless you.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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