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    Who would be so foolish
    as to take a position
    so radically different
    than the established wisdom
    within much of Christendom?

    Who in the world would presume to write about Christians, Nudity and Erotica, and do so in a way that not only justifies the enjoyment of nudity and even erotica, but do so from Scripture? Who would be so foolish as to take a position so radically different than the established wisdom within much of Christendom?

    In short, I am a Born Again, Spirit-filled Christian with rather conservative beliefs. I live in a medium sized city in North America. (How's that for being vague?) I believe that Christianity involves so much more than just putting our faith in Christ for our salvation and accepting a set of Biblical beliefs. It is also having a life changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. I know because I had my conversion experience while I was still a young child. I have walked with God now for 50+ years.

    I am also an ordained minister of the gospel. From a young age I was blessed to work in almost every position in the church, from janitor to senior pastor. In my professional life I was privileged to serve as Pastor of several churches over the years. I am now retired from fulltime ministry but still preach and teach when called upon to do so. Adam. Webmaster and Writer.

    I am very happily married and have both children and many grandchildren.

    Our Little Secret

    But no one in my life knows that I do this site. To protect my identity I write using a pseudonym or pen name. I chose Adam because it means "Man" and I believe I am called of God to be one voice among many calling men to embrace their God given sexuality, to see their body, and especially their genitals, as a gift from God - a blessing not a curse. I have a God given passion to see men (and women) released from the Pornographic Mindset that has poisoned the world and infected the church. And I call myself Adam because I believe we can have the original mindset of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were naked and unashamed, and enjoyed that kind of fellowship with God. Our redemption can return us to that state of naked innocence and purity. I chose Turner because I want to do nothing less than be used of God to turn or change the minds of men and women about masturbation, nudity and the use and enjoyment of erotica. I want to see the tide of error and religious rhetoric turned and for Christians to understand and embrace Biblical truth. Big task I know, but I can do my own little part.

    My beliefs about Christians, Nudity and Erotica are not something I talk about with very many people and never to the extent that I have shared on this website. I sometimes chuckle when I think that those who know me see me as a very conservative person, with a high emphasis on integrity and personal morality. And their impression of me is true, but they would certainly never suspect that I address this subject here. They would be quite surprised, as would those to whom I minister publicly from time to time.

    The Ultimate Authority


    While I respect those who serve in positions of authority in the church, I believe that our ultimate authority for both belief and behavior is the Bible, the Word of God. And the Holy Spirit has been given to the both the church and to individual Christians to lead and guide us into all truth. The Word and the Spirit agree and at no time will the Holy Spirit lead us to do something that is contrary to the revealed will of God as found in His Word.

    I can say with no small degree of bemusement that I never ever dreamed that, at this point in life, I would focus my attention on the subject of sexual matters in the life of a Christian. The study of biblical doctrines, expository study of books of the Bible, topical studies of various themes - all of these were more of what I expected to be doing. But, here I am, researching and writing on the subject of Christians, Nudity and Erotica, advocating the enjoyment of both and even promoting the marvels of Masturbation. I encourage people to throw off false religious restrictions and freely enjoy the full beauty of God's amazing creation.

    I only pray that my modest efforts are a blessing and that those who read will benefit from the site. Most of all it is my heart's desire to provoke the Body of Christ to think about Nudity and Erotica in new and fresh ways. I would say that my personal thinking on this and other matters is "In the Book, but out of the Box". By that I mean my thinking is Biblical, but outside the confines of much un-Biblical Religious Thinking.

    Sincerely, in Christ,


    God bless you.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

    Email. Feedback welcomed and appreciated.