• The Lies of Pornography

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    Whether it is pornography or the more edifying erotica, we must remember that what we are viewing is quite often fantasy. In the case of erotica it is harmless fantasy, but fantasy nonetheless. In the case of porn, it is wrong, destructive, and degrading to all involved - you included. But whether it is the degradation seen in porn or the edification of erotica, if we expect our wives to act like an actress or model on screen, we are deceived and sure to be disappointed. Some things by which we may be aroused in our private play time are simply not true. We should not try to carry them over to real life. She may want you to be like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, but not even Harrison Ford can accomplish that!

    Porn Lies About Women

    Most women do not
    want sex at
    the drop of a hat.
    Nor are they
    pleasant or agreeable
    all the time.

    Most women do not want sex at the drop of a hat. Nor are they pleasant and agreeable all the time. They are not one dimensional sex machines. They are human beings with needs, wishes, desires, feelings, and (oh no!) moods. This is real life, not fantasy; get over it.

    Most women do not have flat tummies, big boobs, and perfectly shaped behinds. Before plastic surgery neither do most women in porn or erotica. A real woman looks less than perfect, and that is perfectly ok.

    Most women do not want to take your throbbing hard cock as deeply into their throat as they possibly can. They are not necessarily as eager for or delighted in giving you head as the women you see on the screen. If you get any oral stimulation at all, consider it a blessing.

    Everything You Want.

    Most women do not want it in their mouth, in their vagina, and (not to be crude) in their ass all in one lovemaking session. They are not sexual gymnasts able to easily put their legs above their heads or be comfortable in any number of contorted positions. In real life you just may have to settle for less athletic intimacy with your less than perfect wife, and be thankful for it.

    Most women do not want you pulling out at the last moment, shifting your position, and finishing by jerking off all over their face. This porn inspired act does not fill them with joy and make them smile in satisfied bliss. Personally, I do not find this practice romantic, nor do I think it dignifies the conclusion of the act of lovemaking, or your wife with whom you are being intimate. It is just fantasy, and not that good a fantasy at that. If it stimulates you to see it, fine. That is between you and God. But if you are expecting it from your wife, you may be disappointed.

    The porn that encourages and promotes these practices simply has no place in the life of a Christian.

    Porn Lies About Men

    Not only does porn lie about women, it lies about men as well. Most men are not built like sexual stallions able to get it up instantly, and keep it up indefinitely. We are not all able to endure the rigors of sexual activity that goes from position to position, orifice to orifice, act to act. And we do not need hyper gymnastic sex to be happy and satisfied. Yes, some nice lingerie and a bit of variety in marital lovemaking is a good thing, but for the most part we are quite content with just a few bells and whistles. We do not need a full brass band.

    Porn Lies About Life

    The biggest lie of pornography is that life is all about sex. Sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, as many ways as you can, as often as physically possible. There is no denying that sex is an important part of life, but life is not all about sex. If necessary, one can live without an active sex life, either spousal or solo. Life is all about God. We cannot be truly alive without Him. And sex is not the way to God. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the Life, and He alone is the way to God.

    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6 NKJV

    The Truth of the Married Life

    Erotica it is not a
    good template for what
    to expect in marriage.

    If Erotica has a place it is not as a template for what to expect in marriage. Marriage has things to which even the beauty of lovemaking on screen between two seemingly flawless individuals cannot compare. Marriage has love, and tenderness, and real affection, a lifelong unbreakable covenant. And physically it has not just the sight and sound, but also the touch and the fragrance and the taste of a loving spouse. And it has the spiritual experience and joy of actually becoming one flesh, one soul, one in spirit with the love of your life. The scales are tipped wildly in favor of real lovemaking with the wife of your life. Don’t neglect her. Court and romance her. You will be glad you did.


    The Lies of Pornography


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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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